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2008 Infiniti G37 Coupe Long Term Owner's Review: 50,000 miles

The last long-term owner's update was April 2010 at 30,000 miles which means it's now been over 1.5 years and over 20,000 miles since I last wrote about my 2008 Infiniti G37 Sport coupe. Not much has changed since then; the economy still relatively stinks, unemployment is still high, I have more gray hair. The car itself is closing in on 4 years of ownership and to me it still feels like a new car!

2008 Infiniti G37 Sport Coupe Time keeps ticking away and neither of us are getting any younger. One seems to be aging better than the other and it's surely not me. Anyway, time to get to the review and stop whining about age. The Good The car still grabs looks, still gains positive comments, still has plenty of power (more after I've tinkered with it). For $500 I could replace the nose of the car and it would look just like a current model. The design has not negatively aged, unlike others. I still get a smile when hopping in for a drive. It's the little things I guess and this G37 coupe simply still does it for me. Is it perfect? Nope. Nothing ever is.

For the 2-year review article I documented some additional annoyances such as a seat belt rattle, tramlining due to tire wear, and occasional clunks or taps from the dash area. Seat belt rattle can be somewhat diminished by making sure the extension arm is our and holding the belt away from the door. Tramlining was fixed with new tires. The occasional clunks or taps from the dash is actually the external plastic trim around the base of the windshield lightly moving and causing the noises and there are easy fixes for that. Otherwise, I have noticed a new vibration noise coming from the passenger door area. I am unsure what it can be and will have to update this article at a later time as I have not determined the cause. I'm hoping it's something in the glove box but I feel it's something within the door or with the door panel itself. Time will tell. Additionally, the sides of the leather driver’s seat seem to get slight cracking in them. Not anything major but not what I would expect either as it is noticeable upon inspection. Keeping the seats clean and conditioned from day 1 is needed. After 50,000 miles the driver’s seat seams to have a little movement forward during hard braking, something else I should have looked into before the full warranty expires.

From an external perspective the paint still looks new and the Scratch Guard paint seems to do a decent job at healing light marks. I am really glad I had 3M clear bra installed on the front as I feel the car would be rock-chipped to death without it. There are still some rock chips where the clear bra has not covered the paint fully. Additionally, I have had a few rock chips around the fender lips which I have had to touch up, which is minor.

Maintenance and Repairs:
After 50,000 miles the car has been relatively issue free. There was the previously reported muffler replacement and alignments to get rid of tramlining. Otherwise it's just been wear items that have needed replacement. The factory tires were replaced at 34,000 miles which resolved the tramlining issue and reduced cabin noise. As the Bridgestone RE050A's wear they do become quite noisy. Peace and quiet was welcome. The only other maintenance item needed to be dealt with was the brakes. Right around 50,000 I was starting to get vibrations during breaking which told me it was time for a brake job. I had the front rotors turned and installed new brake pads as a fix. The factory brake pads still had tons of life (appx 40%) but as I was "in there" I went ahead and replaced the pads with more aggressive performance pads (Project mu front and Hawk rear). I've gotta hand it to Infiniti
for the sport brakes, made by Akebono. Replacing pads is simple and requires no removal of the caliper as they go in from the top. Of course, since I turned the rotors they had to come off anyway but it's nice to know how easy it would have been replacing pads alone. I also fell prey to a dead batter, a complaint often heard by the G community. I simply replaced it and went about my day. Otherwise I have pretty much followed Infiniti's suggested maintenance periods as documented here: Infiniti Maintenance Schedules.

Other Changes:
I've previously stated I can never leave well enough alone and the same has gone with this G37 coupe. Previous updates will detail some changes to the vehicle and since the 2-year review there have been a large number of changes. The car has a full Invidia exhaust system, R2C dual intake system, Hotchkis sway bars, and BC Racing coilovers which replaced the earlier-installed Tein H-Tech springs. Factory tires were replaced with wider Hankook Ventus v12's which lasted until just recently. Current tires are ContiExtreme DWS which should allow travel in light snow. Yes, this car really is a daily driver.

Current Impressions:
I'm still quite happy with the vehicle and don't have any regret. The car as performed flawlessly with minor issues and standard wear issues. It's what I expected out of the vehicle.

What does the future hold? I guess that depends on Infiniti and the next-generation G-coupe which should be released in late 2012 as a 2013 model. Regardless, as milestones are met with this vehicle I will continue to post updates.

The Tally::
Months of Ownership: 43 months
Vehicle list price: $41,300 + $500 for aftermarket spoiler
Mileage: Approximately 51,000
Repairs: Muffler replaced under warranty, brake job ( <$200), battery ($80)
Miles Per Gallon: 26MPG +/- highway driving

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Review by: Matthew Moody (audtatious), NICOclub Administrator

Information Copyright 2000-2012 by Matthew Moody
All rights reserved.
Material may not be copied or reprinted without written permission.

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