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Infiniti M37 Review

Real time in a M37x - Part 3

Drivability (Continued from page 2)

Being a AWD-equipped model the Infiniti M37x does very well in regards to aggressive cornering. In sport mode and VDC off I was able to get the tail to break free but only slightly as the AWD system transfers power to the front tires. At no point was I ever in a situation where the rear would come around on me due to the ATESSA system, thus, you won't be able to "drift" the AWD models. The M37 base and sport editions, being RWD only, are a different animal altogether. Turn off VDC and you can slide the rear out at just about any time you like....usually. There are some Infiniti models where it seems VDC is never fully off, even when defeated. I do not know if this is the case with the M37 or not as the tester was AWD.

2011 Infiniti M37x Review One issue I had with the M during cornering testing was driver seating. The seats in the M seem to be a bit wider than the ones in the Infiniti G series and during hard cornering I felt like I was back in an old 1970's sedan with a bench seat. Very little lateral support and I was sliding side to side a bit. In fact, as tested, there was no additional lateral seat adjustments available for the AWD M. Only the RWD sport package allows for seat bolster adjustments.

Sport Package
It should be noted that the M series does have a Sport
package available for the RWD-only models. This package includes 4-wheel active steering, stiffer sport-tuned suspension, big brake kit, 20" split 5-spoke wheels, different front fascia, and interior refinements including sport seats with adjustable bolster.

Obviously everyone will have a different viewpoint based upon the review so I'm not sure if I need to really make a detailed conclusion here. If you want an up-scale technologically advanced vehicle with the latest styling you should check out the M by dropping by Infiniti and taking one for a test drive.

Additional M History
Infiniti M History: Infiniti released the M series in 1990 as a stopgap mid-sized coupe or convertible, based off the Nissan Leopard. Badged the Infiniti M30 it was built on a FR (Front engine, Rear drive) platform with a 162hp 3.0L V6. Production ran until 1992 at which point the M was put away for a decade.

In 2003 Infiniti brought back the M designation via the Infiniti M45 and based it upon the Nissan Gloria. Styling was identical with two exceptions: Right Hand Drive and a V8. While the Japanese-based Gloria was limited to V6 or I6 motors (some turbo) the US-spec Infiniti M45 was only offered with the VK45DE which produced 340hp and 333ftlb of torque and finally gave Infiniti a sporty V8 to compete with the Lexus GS V8's. Infiniti actually released a short film on this model called "Born-Again Muscle Car", featuring Chris Mulkey, to promote the vehicle. This video is available on

For the "third" generation of the M Nissan introduced a new vehicle lineup and for the first time the M was available with two engine offerings: 3.5L V6 M35 or 4.5L V8 M45 in the US under the M35 or M45 designations. Under the Fuga name in Japan the vehicle was also offered with a 2.5L v6 option as well. The 2005-2010 M series has won numerous best-in-class industry awards and remains a "top in class" contender.

The current generation M was released in 2010 as a 2011 model.

Article by: Matthew Moody, Nissan enthusiast and Adminstrator at Nissan Infiniti Car Owners Forum.

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