2009 Nissan 370z

2009 The Next Generation Nissan Z-series

The new Nissan Z is scheduled to be released in early 2009. There has been a lot of speculation as to the new model over the last few years and we've heard everything from a V8 to a twin-turbo version of the current VQ35HR V6. Both guesses were wrong and the direction for the new Z can be seen via the current Infiniti G37 lineup.

Instead of two additional cylinders or twin turbos for more power the next generation of Nissan Z will be powered by the VQ37VHR powerplant which is currently in use via the 2008+ Infiniti G37 coupe and the expected G37-series sedan. While specifications for the Z-series has not been fully released we expect them to have similar horsepower and specifications as the current G. In comparison to the current VQ35HR used in the 350Z, the VQ37 has been stroked to 3696cc with an increased compression ratio of 11.0:1, a 95.5 mm bore and 86 mm stroke, while redline is increased to 7500 RPM. It is rated at 338hp at 7,000 RPM and around 278 ft·lb of torque at 5,200 RPM. While only upping the ponies to 338hp (hints are that the Z may actually have up to 350hp but those seem to be false) may seem tame, the torque curve itself is improved and flattened for better response. It also utilizes Nissan's VVEL (Variable Valve Event and Lift) technology. Realize, these are simply the G37 specifications for the VQ37.

From a transmission perspective, expect the Z to be unchanged in offering a 6mt manual package while the automatic version will receive a 7sp transmission with sport mode and paddle shifter option, again, similar to the current G37 coupe. AWD option? It's an uncertainty. Further, the weight of the 370z has been reduced to slightly over 3100lbs which increases the power to weight ratio and should equal some very good acceleration times.

From an exterior perspective, the Z goes under the knife. While the overall look will be similar to the current generation Z it has actually been changed quite a bit. There are a few things we can deduce about the exterior treatments based upon other Nissan releases as well and these assumptions seem to be strengthened when looking at current spy-shots of the vehicle during testing. The front fascia has been changed and will be utilizing headlights similar in design to the 2009 Nissan Maxima and a Xenon HID projector system will be standard. 2009 Nissan 370z
The grille is upgraded and the fenders are more crisp which further enhances the fender well bulges. From the rear, the Z has a shorter wheelbase than the current 350z on the market and will have some styling ques from the GT-R. Rear lighting will again be similar to the more-angled (less elongated) Maxim tail lights and the roofline is more narrow at the rear which gives the new Z an appearance of having larger wheel flares in the rear. The side profile of the new 370 is very similar to the current until you view the roofline and rear side window. The roofline is more angled to the rear than the current generation and by design it seems the rear quarter-window is reminiscent of a 1st generation 240z. Overall vehicle weight has been reduced by 200lbs in this configuration which should give the Z a performance advantage over its sister car, the Infiniti G37.

2009 Nissan 370z Rear View The suspension of the new Z will utilize a double wishbone setup up front with a multi-link setup in the back. 18" rims will be standard with optional 19" versions available. Brakes will utilize a 4-piston setup in the front using 14" rotors while the rear will consist of a 2-piston design with 13.8" rotors. It is unknown whether an All-Wheel Steering system will be available in the 370z but it is expected.

The new 370z will be unveiled at the 2008 Las Angeles Auto Show this
November and should be for sale at your local dealerships by spring of 2009. Following the Las Angeles Auto Show, the new 370z will be driven cross-country. Nissan, in conjunction with Hot Import Nights and NICOclub.com will be presenting the new Z to the US roadways during the 370Z North American Rally across America! Be sure to not miss the Z when it passes your area.

Article by: Matthew Moody
2009 Nissan 370z Interior