In 1995 I made my first Webpage. It stunk but I was able to learn basic HTML at the time. This personal website progressed up until around 2005. At the end of 2005, as a Maxima Moderator for NICOclub there was a great need for someone to fix some issues with the site. I jumped in with both feet and had no idea what I was getting myself into. At this point, I am an Administrator of the site and I handle all of the web-based initiatives and "vehicle portal page" development for the site. Below are some of the individual sites I have created for NICOclub and others.

Nissan Infiniti Car Owners

Infiniti G37 Portal

Nissan 240sx Portal

Nissan 240sx Technical

Nissan 240sx Convertible Portal

Nissan 350z Portal

Nissan Altima Coupe Portal

Nissan Altima Hybrid Portal

Nissan B16 Sentra Portal

Nissan Commercials Portal

Infiniti EX35 Portal

Nissan Foria Portal

Infiniti G35 Portal

Nissan Skyline Portal

Team HLM Racing

NoHotWire Racing

Infiniti M35 Portal

Infiniti M45 Portal

Infiniti M37 Portal

Infiniti FX37 Portal

Nissan Maxima Portal

Nissan Murano Portal

Nissan Technical

Nissan Online Mechanic

Nissan Trucks Portal

Nissan Versa Portal

Nissan Leaf Portal

Home Photography Help Page

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