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Welcome to my Maxima home page. I have been involved with the Nissan Community since the purchase of my 2002 Nissan Maxima SE. Online, I go by the handle "audtatious" and can be found on numerous sites. Primarily, I may be found on NICOclub where I am an Administrator and web designer. If you have any desire to be part of the largest Nissan/Infiniti community, or need help and information, please visit.

Maxima Articles and Information

2002 nissan maxima information 2002 Maxima:
General information for the 2002 Nissan Maxima including engine specifications, measurements, weight, and factory options

addco rsb install 2002 maxima Addco RSB installation:
Installing an Addco Rear Sway Bar is easy. This page shows step-by-step procedures to complete this task. Steps can be utilized for most any Nissan Maxima.

nissan maxima bulb chartt Bulb Application Chart:
Need bulbs for your Maxima? This chart shows factory bulb requirements for all years.

nissan maxima hid replacement HID Replacement:
Step by step directions to replace HID headlight bulbs in the 2002 - 2003 Maxima.

2002 maxima foglight bulb upgrade Fog Light Replacement:
Step by step directions to replace fog light bulbs in the 2002 - 2003 Maxima.

2002 maxima hid foglights Foglight HID Retrofit:
Upgrading factory halogen H3 foglights with HID foglights. Step by step installation instructions

2002 nissan maxima injen intaket Injen intake installation:
Injen Cold Air Intake (CAI) installation for 2002 - 2003 Nissan Maxima.

2002 nissan maxima upgrades My Upgrades:
My 2002 Nissan Maxima upgrades include suspension, lighting, audio, and more.

nissan maxima car audio
My Maxima car audio installation.

nissan maxima subwoofer install
2000 Maxima car audio installation. Includes detailed steps in the installation and building of the sub enclosure.

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