2002 Nissan Maxima Car Audio Page

Maxima car audio installation

Welcome to my 2002 Maxima Audio page. Just a bit of info concerning my quest for better sound...

The factory system is not that bad, considering. It consists of a double-din headunit with in-dash 6-CD system. Speaker setup consists of front door mids with A-pillar mounted tweeters, rear door mids, and a sub mounted on the rear parcel shelf. The Bose amp is mounted in the trunk below the parcel shelf. Not too bad, but it has no balls and is definately not that clear.

Flowchart of current audio system:

subwoofer enclosure Step 1: Sub Enclosure..... Step-by-step design and build of the current sub enclosure in the Maxima.

maxima headunit removal Step 2: Head Unit Removal..... Step-by-step instructions to remove the Head Unit.

maxima front door panel Step 3: Front Door Speakers..... Step-by-step removal of door panel along with current speaker setup. Includes removing and installing new tweeters in the factory A-pillar location.

Update 05/29/05: Initial installation of MB Quart 6.5" mids did not go well. I got cheap and replaced them with Infinity 6000CS seperates. Within a couple of weeks, I had blown one while goofing with an IASCA test disk doing mid-bass signwave tests (DOH!). I replaced it and simply did not crank it up as far until a week ago when I blew another speaker. Tired of cheap/plain sounding seperates, I upgraded to JL Audio XR650-CSi seperates. Much better sounding than the cheap Infinity seperates. Below are pix of the JL 6.5" mid, and a picture of the Precision Power pre-amp and Carver/KLW Phantom Bass processor which are simply mounted in the glove box.

JL Audio mid driver JL mid compared to Infinity CS Precision Power EQ

Update Sometime 2007 - July 2008: There were quite a few changes during this timeframe. I purchased a new sub and threw it in but immediately did not like the old box setup with it firing into the back of the seat. I set about on a new mission: New light weight box. So, out it all came. I had an old box that was 1.25cft and would actually fit in the Maxima and I used that as the basis for the new one. I stripped it down and proceeded to cut out most of the wood panels which left the "front" and bottom of the box solid wood and the rest of the box a skeleton. It was here that I decided to try using my old Kicker C10a first, instead of the new TL 12" sub with the thought being I can always cut it out to install the 12 later. I created a free-standing mounting ring for the sub and proceeded to fiberglass the enclosure. When done I covered it in carpet and installed the components. At this point, I replaced the a/d/s PH15 with a Rockford Fosgate Punch 200 for the front speakers. Calculations show I actually saved 40lbs using this configuration and while the bass was not shattering it was nice and clean. It should be noted that in July, the Maxima was turned over to be my wifes daily driver and she wanted the trunk space back. So, the whole system has now been stripped and it's back to running the factory Bose system.