"The Maxima concept: flagship luxury and award-winning V6 performance in one unique package. For 2002, we took this concept more seriously than ever. Starting with performance and a boost to 255 horsepower. Which ignited, of course, an equally powerful surge on the luxury side. Anything less and we couldn't have called it a Maxima." -- www.nissandriven.com

nissan gated shifter
Automatic Gated Shifter
     MAXIMA....4-door family car....Or, is it? On Valentines day, 2002, I decided it was time to purchase a new car. I had been looking and checking into different models (for months) and had limited my choices. What pushed me towards the Maxima was a '02 SE I rented for a trip. I liked it mucho! So, on that fine day, I purchased a new 2002 Nissan Maxima SE.

In general, the Max is a great car. 255hp 3.5L V6, 4sp automatic tranny, 17" rims, Bose stereo w/6-disc in-dash CD changer, sunroof, etc. For a family sedan, it has great "get-up-n-go". It is definately in the top of its class from a performance standpoint. The only issue I have with it at this time is the suspension. While it has a sport-tuned suspension, it is too soft nissan maxima gauges
Titanium Faced Gauge Cluster
and mushy. Bordering on luxury car handling, but, better at the same time. Can we say "upgrade"? Why, yes we can. And thus starts 6 years of light modifications.

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