2002 Nissan Maxima SE Foglight Bulb Replacement

The following directions can be utilized in the replacement of fog light bulbs in the 2002-2003 Maxima. These instructions cannot be utilized with older years of the Nissan Maxima. One person can accomplish this task. Please view pictures with steps for additional detailed information.

Tools needed: 10mm socket + ratchet, ratchet extension, flat-head screw driver, phillips head screwdriver

Step 1. Under each side of the vehicle, there is a plastic cover that needs to be released for access to the fog lights. There is a phillips head screw on the bottom of the fender, a 10mm bolt and a "pop" connector that should be removed from the bottom of the panel. Use the flat head screwdriver to release the "pop". After removing these three connectors, the panel can be pulled down to allow access to the fog lights. If you wish to completely remove these panels, there are additional connectors within the wheel well. IMO, I would not bother removing it.

Step 2. Using the 10mm socket and extension, remove the two 10mm nuts from the back of the fog light assembly. After removing the nuts, disconnect the wiring. At this point, the complete fog light assembly may be removed from the front of the vehicle by pushing on the back of the light. Be careful to NOT push the light all the way out in case of breakage. Use two hands, one to push on the back and one to grab the light from the front.

Step 3. Once the assembly has been removed, remove the backing by turning counter clockwise to reveal the bulb. Disconnect the bulb from the backing and remove the white shielding tube from that wire. Using the flat-head screwdriver, press down on the long side of the clip to release the bulb (the long side of the clip has an "L" shape that is retained by a hook). It is NOT necessary to remove the screw.

Step 4. Install the new bulb making sure the bulb is in the proper "keyed" position. DO NOT touch the bulb as oil from your fingers will shorten the life of the new bulb. Using the flat-head screwdriver, reinstall the clip. Reinstall the white shielding tube and reconnect to the backing. Screw the backing back onto the housing assembly by turing clockwise.

Step 5. Reinstall the fog light assembly following a reverse order of steps 1 and 2. Reinstall the shield mounting bolt, screw and "pop" connector. The "pop" connector should be installed first as this will make things go a bit easier. The picture to the left shows a back view of the lights mounting position after removal of the housing assembly.

Step 6. Do the other side and you are done!!!!.

Disclaimer: The author will not be held responsible nor held liable for any damages due to these instructions. Anyone following these directions are doing so at their own risk. This Documentation may not be distributed without the authors consent.