Beech Bend Dragway Event

This meet took place on Oct 18th, 2003. The Louisville crew met up and a pack of 4 vehicles traveled to Indy to meet at Fort (Benjamin) Harrison State Park outside of Indianapolis, IN. There were numerous forums in attendance including Nico,,, and among others. This meet had a great mixture of vehicles including Maxima's, Q45's, G35's, G35 Coupes, Altima's, a 240SX and even a Subaru and Caddy.

The event started at appx 11:30am after an unscheduled stop due to a running event, we finally made it to the meet spot. The day was awsome with sun and temperatures in the low 70's. Being a relaxing event, nothing was scheduled other than a lot of talk and some dogs/Brauts on the grill. The event wrapped up at the park late in the afternoon, tho some in attendance took it to a local hangout afterwards.

Pix below are a compilation of the attendants:

Audtatious, Str8Ridin, groundhog1976, Maxima Balla, 99whitese, and G35girl Nice 4th Gen Max + Fred's Q45 G35girl, 99whitese, Maxima Balla, groundhog1976, Str8Ridin and Audtatious line up  rydwht, elwesso, GeoBau, cullenj76 Line-up4 cullenj76, GeoBau, elwesso, rydwht Davey 2003's G35 Coupe 6MT interior Davey 2003's G35 Coupe 6MT interior - 2 Davey 2003's G35 Coupe Davey 2003's G35 Coupe Brembo brakes Davey 2003's G35 Coupe rear shot The cars Audtatious (Matt's) '02 Max SE Cullens 4th Gen Maxima PalmerWMD (Fred's) Q45 Cold_Zero (Bud) with friend Forte's G35 Coupe engine shot 1 Forte's G35 Coupe engine shot 2 Audtatious '02 MAxima groundhog1976 (Tim's) 240SX Danes Altima Str8Ridin (Raceen's) Maxima Str8Ridin (Raceen's) Maxima Rex (Keith's) Q45 GeoBau (George's) G35 Sedan #1 GeoBau (George's) G35 Sedan Forte (Darrin's) G35 Coupe Cullens 4th-Gen Maxima PalmerWMD's trunk #1 G35 Line Up Forte's G35 Coupe Audtatious's Maxima Engine bay rydwht (Ryan's) G25 Coupe Talking shop Cold_Zero (Bud) Subaru PalmerWMD (Fred's) trunk #2 PalmerWMD (Fred's) Engine Shot rydwht, elwesso rydwht, elwesso GeoBau's Engine Shot #1 GeoBau's Engine Shot #2 G35girls G35 G35girls G35 Audtatious (Matt's) Maxima Audtatious (Matt's) Engine #1 cullen's Maxima Engine Shot 99whitese's Maxima Engine Shot Forte's G35 Coupe Audtatious (Matt's) Engine #2 PalmerWMD (Fred's) trunk #3 elwesso's (Wes's) Q45 #1 elwesso's Engine Shot groundhog1976 (Tim's) 240 Engine Shot groundhog1976's Back Shot Rex (Keith's) Q45 #1 Rex (Keith's) Q45 #2 It's Chow Time elwess's (Wes's) Q45 #2

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