Beech Bend Dragway Event

This meet started in Louisville, KY on 09/07/2003 and was headed up by Fred (palmerwmd) and Dane (JeStEr) of Nico. The Louisville group ( 4 Maxima's, 2 S14's, 2 S13's, 3 Spec-V's, 1 Q45 and 2 Integra's) met at Meijers and the group (minus 1 Maxima) drove down together to the Corvette Museum for the 2nd pre-meet. The 2nd pre-meet went well with people visiting the Museum and sitting around talking. At appx 4:30pm we left the Museum and drove to Beech Bend with the others that showed (1 200SX SE-R, 3 Altima's, 1 '80 Datsun wagon, 8ea 240 SX's, 2 Spec-V's and a Turbo 5th-Gen Maxima). At the track, Hal showed up with his 459hp turbo 4th-Gen that ripped a 12.7 1/4! Temperature was appx 80 degrees when I arrived with high humidity. As the temperature dropped, the humidity rose and was in the 90% range when I left at appx 10pm, My first run was my best being 15.0 with a 2.27 60'. The track was very slick and I spun my tires through 1st and into 2nd gear resulting in the poor times (stock Potenza RE92's with over 40k miles! was the big problem). Of course, temperature and humidity was another enemy.

Below are some pictures from the meet and are a compilation of pictures taken by myself and Dane.

Maxima's lineup 1 Maxima's lineup 2 Maxima's lineup 3 Maxima's lineup 4 Louisville pre-meet 1 Louisville pre-meet 2 Louisville pre-meet 3 Louisville pre-meet 4 Louisville pre-meet 5 Louisville pre-meet 6 Louisville pre-meet 7 Louisville pre-meet 8 On the road to Bowling Green Corvette Museum 1 Corvette Museum 2 Corvette Museum 3 Corvette Museum 4 Corvette Museum 5 Corvette Museum 6 Corvette Museum 7 Corvette Museum 8 Corvette Museum 9 Corvette Museum 10 Corvette Museum 11 Corvette Museum 12 Corvette Museum 13 Corvette Museum 14 Corvette Museum 15 Corvette Museum 16 Corvette Museum 17 Corvette Museum 18 Corvette Museum 19 Corvette Museum 20 Corvette Museum 21 Corvette Museum 22 Corvette Museum 23 Corvette Museum 24 Corvette Museum 25 Fred the Master Mechanic Beech Bend Check-in Dane in line Carlos and Hal in line Fred's Q45 waiting to run At the track 1 At the track 2 Racing at night

I ran a total of 3 races. Due to the track, weather, and sorry tires, I did not improve my previous track times. The meet was a blast regardless.

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