Beech Bend Dragway Event

This meet started in Louisville, KY on 03/08/2003 and was headed up by Fred (palmerwmd) of Nico. Initially, it started as a Nissan only event, but ended up being an Import Shootout that included members of The Louisville group met at Meijers and the group (up to 50 cars) drove down together. Highlights of the trip included speeds up to 110mph at times and 5 non-NICO members getting pulled over by the KY State police for racing and 95mph. Temperature was 66 degrees when I arrived with a 10mph head wind. My first run was my best being 14.908 with a 2.34 60'. My Maxima was stock with air pressure lowered to 25psi in the front. Overall a great time, tho I was disappointed that I could not pull a lower 60' time due to traction problems again.

Check-in line Prepping the car 1st race of the day - lineup 1st race of the day - Leaving Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Misc Pic Race vs NAWZ spraying rabbit Post-Race lineup NICO Alty by Integra I beat Waiting to run Me getting killed by a modded Subaru Racing mtcookson of Waiting to go Post-Launch Mid Track Lining up against stripped/modded Civic on slicks Lining up against supercharged SUV running low-mid 15's Launch against SUV (Yes, I won) Lining up against turbocharged Dodge Diesel Launch against Dodge (Yes, I won this too)

I ran a total of 14 races throughout the day. I lost once to the Subaru, Once to a modded 4th-Gen Maxima 5sp, once to the modded Civic with slicks and I hit one redlight during round-2 of the import shootout which would have been a great race since we both ended up with the same 1/4-mile time. Throughout the day, I had some great R/T's of .536, .549, .556, and .561. The remainings were in the .6 range with one .8 and the one .4 . If anyone viewing this site raced me that day, LMK your car number. I was car #63.

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