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2000 Nissan Maxima custom audio install

2000 Nissan Maxima Audio System

Welcome to Steve's Audio page. This page details the installation of an audio system into Steve's 2000 Nissan Maxima....View the subwoofer section for a link detailing the design and build of the custom sub enclosure!

Flowchart of current audio system:

Headunit is a Clarion DXZ545MP.

Front speakers consist of Alpine SPX-177a components. 6.5" woofers, 1/2" tweeters, and high-end passive crossover networks.

kicker amp Amplifier is a Kicker KX700.5 which is running in 3-way mode.

165WPC front
420WPC Sub

Diamond 12 inch subwoofer Subwoofer is a Diamond CM312D4.

12" with dual 4ohm VC's
500W RMS
Sensitivity (dB SPL): 91 (2.83-V input @ 1 meter)

sub mounted in enclosure Sub Box information: Step-by-step build of the subwoofer enclosure utilized in this installation.

Alpine Install: The Alpine Tweeters were mounted in the factory A-pillar location. Steve created a ring with speaker wire to help keep the tweeters even and mounted them using hot-glue. Alpine 6.5" mids were mounted in the factory door location using factory hardware and wiring.

The mids were connected to the factory wiring in order to avoid drilling into the door. For the rear connections, find these color codes, and cut them at the Bose amp plug (Passenger side of trunk under the parcel shelf, and to the right of the factory sub). Add additional wire from these to the location of the crossovers.

The power wire was run down the drivers side of the vehicle. From the front, the wire was snaked down into the wheel well (requires the inner fender plastic to be loosened for access) and into the cabin via a large rubber gromet. The wire comes out behind the fuse box, and is routed down the channel, and under the rear seat to the trunk.

RCA's were routed down the passenger side of the vehicle. Wiring for the tweeters were run down each side and snaked up the dash for connection. One pair of amp RCA's included the amp remote wire.

When completed with running the wires, all should come out at the trunk. The ground wire (not shown) is connected to a bolt at the back of the rear seat. Wires from the factory harness have not been run in this picture. Note: The factory Bose amp is located in the upper-right of this picture, direcly behind the plastic ring hanging down.

Here is a picture of the amp and cap being test-fitted onto the back of the enclosure. Two holes were drilled on the left side for the power and ground wires, and a slot was cut on the right side for RCA's. This can be a messy task if these holes are not cut prior to the box being carpeted. Some cleanup will be in order once complete.

Crossovers and wiring from them to the amp were completed prior to installation of the box. Sub was mounted as well.

Enclosure was test-fit numerous times during its construction. Here is the final fitment.

Here is the enclosure installed. Most split-loom is complete, and the custom painted end caps have been installed on the amp. A little cleanup and tie-wrap work is all that is needed.

Next steps? A 1/4" board will be cut and covered in carpet to create a trim-ring around the amp after the amps end caps are installed. A small amp and a pair of co-ax rear speakers will be installed into the rear doors for rear-fill at a later time. A pre-amp/EQ will also be installed.


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