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2000 Nissan Maxima custom audio install

2000 - 2003 Nissan Maxima Wiring

2000 Nissan Maxima: The following information was deemed from building the actual enclosure. This box is designed so that the subwoofer is pointing into the cabin (or the back of the seat). It can be adjusted from appx 1 cubic foot to 2 cubic foot. The back of the enclosure is 3" in depth to allow mounting of audio components. The unused airspace may be cut out to allow additional components to be mounted as well. Total airspace as designed is 2535.75 cubic inches (appx 1.47 cubic foot).


  • Circular or table saw (preferred)
  • 2" coarse sheetrock screws
  • 1 tube of silicone
  • wood glue
  • jig saw
  • drill
  • An electric screwdriver or phillips bits for the drill are preferred as well.

When building the enclosure, make sure all corners are flush and wood glue is utilized. When completed, the box is ready for carpeting (somewhat difficult due to the complexity of the box).

Side View: This is a side view of the enclosure. Width and heigth will fit in the 5th Gen Maxima without removing the factory Bose subwoofer (if exists). Sections A and B encompass the airspace for the sub. The back 3" section is for mounting components.

Top View: This view shows the multi-chamber design of the enclosure.

Section A = front space

Section B = rear space.

Back View: This view shows the seperator in the back section of the enclosure. The seperator may be utilized to adjust the box from appx 1cf to 2cf total air space. With the seperator at 19", total airspace is 1.46cf without the sub.

Board Cuts - Front: The following boards will be needed to build the front frame for Section A airspace. The top and bottom boards should have appx an 8-degree angle on one side.

Image A

Board Cuts - Back: The following boards will be needed to build the rear of the box, which includes the Section B airspace.

Build front section frame: Use the two sides and the top and bottom boards to create a frame for Section A airspace. The sides are attached outside of the top and bottom boards, so the total width will be 30".

Image B

Build back section frame: Use the two sides and the top and bottom boards to create the back frame. The sides are attached outside of the top and bottom boards, so the total width will be 36". The seperator may be added at this time, or after the front board is added.

Cut out: A cutout is required to couple Section A and Section B airspace. This cutout will also allow for the subwoofers depth requirements. Measure as shown and cut out.

Attach front board: Attach the front board to the back frame. The cutout should be over the Section B airspace. Once attached, glue or nail the 1x1 shims into the corners (pressed against the front board). If the seperator has not been installed, do so at this time.

Image C

Image D

Attach front to back: Follow these instructions to mount the front section to the back.

Image E

Attach back: Once this step has been completed, the enclosure may be sealed with Silicone prior to any additional steps.

Attach final board: Place the final board onto the front of Section A and mark the top and bottom sections for cutting. Make sure to appropriately mark the angle that is needed. This front board is intentionally oversized to allow for these cuts. Once the angles have been cut, use a bead of silicone around the frame prior to mounting the board as this will ensure a sealed enclosure.

In order to seal the enclosure, we performed a two-part proceedure. First was sealing the edges with silicone. Finally, we mixed up a quart of Fiberglass Resin and used brushes to spread the mixture throughout the enclosure and allowed to harden. Image F

Below are some additional pictures. The first shows the enclosue after being carpeted. You will notice an indention on the top near the left side. This was put there to help clear the center seatbelt box, but is probably not needed. The second picture shows the sub mounted and the second shows a test fit. A 1/4" board will be installed at a later timeframe to cover the wiring on the back of the box.


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