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1993 Probe GT

1993 Probe GT

This is my installation referance page for my '93 Ford Probe GT. This is a quick overview of the system I installed in the vehicle. For more indepth details on this installation and the accoustical characteristics of this vehicle, please select the option "Probe Info Page" from the "My Current System" selection below. The purpose of this page is to briefly go over the installation and show what the system and vehicle looked like. I say looked like since the whole hatch area has been stripped of stereo equipment and will be undergoing a complete reinstallation this summer (if it ever stops raining enough). This upgrade will be covered at a later time, probably while it is taking place. (EDIT: Vehicle was sold in 2002 without a new system)

For those of you not familiar with the Probe GT, this generation supports a 2.5 liter DOHC v6 with 4 valves per cylinder (drivetrain is shared with the Mazda MX-6) that is rated at 164hp. Unlike its sister car, the MX-6, this vehicle comes standard with 225-50-16 VR rated Goodyear 'gators and a pretty stiff suspension for playing on the twisties. 0-60 times are rated in the 7.0-7.5 seconds range. All told, it is a rather fun car to drive, tho expensive to maintain.

I purchased the vehicle in January of '93 and it has not undergone many modifications from when it was purchased. Though I have added HO plug wires to the vehicle, the only cosmetic changes have been tinted windows and the stereo system. FWIW, the color of the Probe is RIO Red.

The below pictures are of the car and the stereo installation. This is around the third setup I have installed in this vehicle since '93 and was the most impressive from a performance perspective. The following is a listing of components used in the installation followed by pictures of the vehicle:

Head Unit: Eclipse ECD-413
Crossover: AudioControl 4xs
Processor: Karver/KLW PhantomBass
Front Amplifier: a/d/s/ PH15 (6x50)
Sub Amplifier: Precision Power A600 (2x150)
Front Mids: MB Quart 6.5"
Front Tweeters: MB Quart .75"
Rear Mids: Rockford sp54 5.25"
Rear Tweeters: MB Quart .75"
Subwoofer: JL Audio 12w6
Capacitors: 4 each Stinger 1 farad
RCAs: Monster Cable XLNs
Wiring: Esoteric
Distribution Blocks: Scosche



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