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1994 Mustang Convertible Stereo Install

1994 Ford Mustang The summer of '96 offered me another first, installation of a system in a convertable. The plan was simple, the owner needed additional low frequency response when the top was down but did not want to replace all of the components at once, and, there still needed to be usable trunk space.

I began by taking measurements of the trunk and working out a plan for a sub box that would fit under the tight confines of the cars back deck without causing any problems with the workings of the convertable top. I built a 1.25 sqft sealed enclosure for a Kicker C10a which is one hell of a good sub. The enclosure was angled at the back with the sub facing the back of the car. Fiberglass epoxy helped seal the
enclosure and 1.25 lbs of polyfill ware added to bring the box to Kicker specs. The factory head unit was replaced by a Kenwood KDC-7000 I had from a previous install. The front outputs went to an a/d/s/ ph12 (6x20) I also had from a previous installation and powered the four factory speakers. The rear outputs went to a SoundStream SA60 which was then bridged to the Sub using the amps built-in low-pass filter. A Kenwood 10-disc changer, which I had previously installed in the vehicle, was also used in conjunction with a FM modulator.

This setup was a BIG improvement over the factory system. A new Kenwood head unit with CD changer controls was eventually been aquired. There were no pictures taken of this installation either but all you would see when opening the trunk was the box with a sub along with the changer sitting in a corner. Nothing exciting.


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